The MTC Innovation Challenge (formerly RMCA Cable Apprentice) is here!

This is a student case competition that focuses on the telecom, media, and cable industry. MTC is seeking mentors to guide students to educate and guide students through this case competition.

Mentors are those with industry knowledge who can help guide a student team. The time commitment may vary based on what you and your student team determine is needed but as a rule of thumb, you would meet once per week during the course of preparing for the competition (~4 times). This is a rewarding opportunity and a great way to get to know students who may be a good fit for an internship or consulting opportunity at your company in the future!

Below is the information that the students receive:

How does a company survive the bloody battles caused by digital disruption? The media industry has undergone violent disruption in relatively few years and billions of stockholder value have disappeared. Not all players have landed safely on the other side of the digital divide. Consumer behaviors, competitor flux, revenue models, and technology have changed dramatically for media giants. Your task, as a student consulting team, is to navigate the digital revolution and create a financially viable business strategy for DirecTV. Put your strategy to the test against CU-Denver, CU-Colorado Springs, and DU-University of Denver teams as you vie for a $1500 semi—final team prize (award for each campus winner), in this applied hands-on class. Will your strategy rise to the top above student teams from UCCS, UCD, and DU? Semi-finalist teams from each campus present their plan to industry executives and compete for a $3000 grand prize.

We have mentor opportunities available with UCD, DU, and UCCS.

Everything is virtual, with a hope that Finals can be held in person on March 11th (this is subject to change and will not be mandatory for those with health concerns). Below are the dates and times by school and here is a link to sign up for a school that fits best with your schedule:

  • University of Colorado at Denver (UCD)
    • Mentor Matching: Wednesday, January 26th from 6:30-8pm
    • Round 1 Competition: Monday, February 21st from 6:30-8pm
    • Round 2 Competition: Wednesday, March 2nd from 6:30-8pm
    • Finals: Friday, March 11th from 9-11am
  • University of Denver (DU)
    • Mentor Matching: Friday, January 28th from 5:30-7pm
    • Round 1 Competition: Friday, February 25th from noon-2pm
    • Round 2 Competition: Friday, March 4th from noon-2pm
    • Finals: Friday, March 11th from 9-11am
  • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS)
    • Mentor Matching: Monday, January 31st from 4:45-7:20pm
    • Round 1 Competition: Saturday, February 26th from 9am-noon
    • Round 2 Competition: Saturday, March 5th from 9am-noon
    • Finals: Friday, March 11th from 9-11am